Giving – How it works is a service provided to members of the Association of Guernsey Charities.
The website was built by volunteers and the platform is run by volunteers, so that as much as possible of what you donate gets to your chosen charity. In fact, the only charges we hope to have to make will be those of payment services providers (in our case PayPal and Barclays ePDQ). And if you pledge your donation on and then pay using your own e-banking service, there will probably be nothing at all deducted from your donation, it will go to your charity in full.

Charities participate by giving the AGC details of their bank accounts.
If your charity does not have a Donate button on its AGC webpage, it has chosen not to participate in

Events can be set up by anyone, be it a marathon run, or anything else where you wish to raise money for specific (Bailiwick) charities.
Fill in the New Event page telling us about your event, and which charities you are raising money for, and submit it. The AGC will then open the event to the public when we have checked to see that the event is suitable.

Donors can donate either from a charity’s page on the AGC website (Click on the Donate button), or by selecting an Event they wish to contribute to.
Click on one of the buttons to donate:

  • PayPal takes you to PayPal; bear in mind that PayPal will keep 1.4% plus 20p of what you donate.
  • Barclays takes you to Barclays ePDQ website. Barclays will charge 0.5% plus 1p for debit cards, 1.25% for credit cards, and a further 3p fee per transaction (for processing and electronic authorisation). There is a minimum monthly charge of £20 from these commissions and there is also a £12 per month management charge. These monthly charges have to be allocated across all Barclaycard donations for the month.
  • eBanking is the most cost effective way to donate. Clicking this button records your pledge on our database and will then send you an e-mail to remind you to pay this money across to The Guernsey Giving trust using the bank account details supplied.

The Association of Guernsey Charities will provide Administration Services. Apart from the daily approval of Events (see above), each month the AGC will

  • extract a report of all payments and pledges from the database
  • check it against The Guernsey Giving Trust bank account
  • calculate how much is due to each charity
  • pay the funds across to the charity